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Agency - Right-to-Work Laws in Texas

This means that under the Texas Labor Code, a person cannot be denied employment because of membership or non-membership in a labor union or other labor organization.Any action taken by this agency would be on behalf of the State of Texas and Texas right-to-work laws.

AG Paxton Issues Opinion on Guns and Security Teams in Texas Churches

AG Paxton Issues Opinion on Guns and Security Teams in Texas Churches
Thursday, December 21, 2017 – Austin

Licensed handgun owners can legally carry loaded weapons into Texas churches that do not have posted signs banning weapons, Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a legal opinion released today.“However, churches may instead decide not to provide notice and to allow the carrying of handguns on their premises.

Harvey-affected superintendents want Texas to waive school ratings

Chambers joined several superintendents Tuesday at a House Public Education Committee hearing to ask the state to waive school accountability ratings, which are tied to how students score on state tests this spring.He compared waiving state tests for school districts affected by Harvey to refusing to get blood pressure checked by a doctor.

Outstanding Young Texas Ex | Texas Exes

Initiated in 1980, the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award recognizes Texas Exes age 39 and younger who have made significant achievements in their careers and service to the university.While at the University of Texas, he was an All-American powerlifter and an officer in the Texas Iron Spikes.

Short-Term Medical Insurance | Texas Exes

To help alumni avoid the risks of going without medical coverage, we’ve arranged for access to short-term medical insurance at competitive group rates.Based on need and location, alumni may select either a six or 12-month policy duration at the time of their quote.

Respected San Antonio Chef Andrew Weissman Cooks French, South Texas-Style

San Antonians love chef Andrew Weissman as much for his past ventures, like the famed Le Rêve, shuttered in 2009, as for his present ones, including Il Sogno, The Luxury, Moshe’s Golden Falafel, and now Signature, Inspired by Andrew Weissman.This newest restaurant, tucked into an antiques-filled carriage house of sorts on the luxe grounds of the La Cantera Resort & Spa, signals his return to French-inspired cooking, though some of the menu at what he calls his “love letter” to San Antonio is firmly planted in his own South Texas history.

Judge strikes down Texas ban on common abortion procedure

A federal district judge handed a victory to abortion rights groups Wednesday when he struck down part of a Texas law curbing access to the most common second-trimester abortion procedure, called dilation and evacuation.Doctors who have provided abortions described three methods for causing fetal demise that are used starting about midway through the second trimester.