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Luxury Queensland Holiday Packages

Think of Australia and its long list of iconic landmarks and there's a good chance that many, if not most will be found in Queensland. From the Gold Coast to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with its famous heart shaped coral cluster or the lush Daintree Rainforest, to the myriad of sparkling beaches and idyllic islands (think Fraser and the Whitsundays), the Sunshine State, with its tropical year round weather is one of the world's most beguiling destinations.  

A majority of the population is found in the state's southeast corner. Nearly 3 million of the state's 5 million residents live in Brisbane, the bustling yet laid back capital city of Queensland. Known as "River City" for the winding river that meanders its way through the enticing metropolis, Brisbane offers a mixture of world class hotels, shopping and restaurants, a vibrant arts and culture scene and plenty of areas in which to enjoy the gorgeous Queensland sunshine, whether it be in one of the many botanic gardens, at the South Bank Parklands or any of the city's many attractive green spaces.

Just one hour south, the Gold Coast can best be described as Australia's entertainment capital. With its collection of theme parks, beaches and lush rainforest hinterland, the options for a fun-filled holiday are endless. In the opposite direction, heading north of Brisbane, you'll find one of Queensland's favourite weekend getaways, the Sunshine Coast. This welcoming region features a collection of sleepy beachside towns and lovely hinterland hamlets where everything from wineries, cheese shops and quaint cafes can be found gracing the quiet country streets. Rainforest walks nearby reveal cascading waterfalls and impressive scenic lookouts.  Continue further up the coast and take in the world heritage sites of Fraser Island and the stunning collection of Whitsunday Islands.

Of course a Queensland holiday wouldn't be complete without experiencing the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Book a day trip to one of the many colourful reef areas and be dazzled by the mixture of kaleidoscopic underwater colours.  The best of Australia's vivid beauty is on display before your eyes. Watch as brilliantly coloured fish dart around as you glide along the delicate coral fixtures beneath the waves.

With all Queensland has to offer, the holiday possibilities are limitless. From the big city delights of Brisbane to the holiday havens found along the beaches, in the rainforests or in the middle of the outback, a journey through this vast state is sure to leave you enraptured. 


Queensland Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


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Queensland Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


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Queensland Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


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Queensland Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


What is your priority when it comes to the perfect hotel? Are you seeking indulgent luxury, stunning views, or a secluded hideaway in the wilderness? There are many resons to visit The Sunshine State, including world-famous beaches, exquisite rainforests and vibrant cityscapes.