WATCH: Coast snake catcher relocates nesting python

CHRISTMAS is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for snakes.

The hottest time of year isn't just about the weather for snakes, it's also breeding season.

Which means very soon Coast residents may get some unwanted visitors at their homes.

Coast snake catcher Donnie Guerin said it was the time of years snakes would be looking for comfortable, warm and hidden spots to lay their eggs.

He said once the eggs were laid, a snake will usually wrap itself around them and make its new home for the next three weeks.

That's how long it takes for eggs to hatch.

And not all snakes lay eggs, some breeds give birth to live babies, Mr Guerim said.

"Usually we find snakes in gardens, in trees, hidden under mulch,” he said.

"Snakes find places to hide away from birds that would give their offspring a tough time.”

However, once the eggs hatch, the babies must fend for themselves.

"As soon as snakes are born they are completely independent,” Mr Guerim said.

"Unlike other species they don't really have emotional attachments to anything.”

Mr Guerim relocates snakes for Coast business - The Snake Catcher 24/7 Sunshine Coast and said there had been a few calls recently of nesting snakes.

"Yesterday I had a job where we were asked to relocate a snake that was wrapped around its eggs.

"Unfortunately, if you have to move a snake from its eggs it loses interest and abandons the eggs.

"In that situation, we have to take the eggs to the wildlife rescue to be incubated. If they are incubated successfully they are released back into the wild.”

He said if residents came across nesting snakes it best to leave the snake alone, or call a snake catcher to relocate it.

"The ideal situation is to let nature take its course and not disturb the nest,” he said.

"If guarding eggs, snakes can be more defensive, as most things are.

"Never corner them or take away their space, let it be and it will usually just try and get away from you.”

If you need a snake catcher call 0408 545 440.