By the numbers: How much the Coast is set to chew through

IF THE pressure of hosting the extended family has had you in a cold sweat all week spare a thought for some of the Coast's key industries battening down for a Christmas boom.

Seafood has been ever-increasing in popularity of late and this Christmas will be no different.

Mooloolaba Fish Market manager Kristian Penny gave an insight into the mouth and eye-watering scale of sales about to begin.

About nine tonnes of prawns will be sold on December 23 and about 11 tonnes will be sold on Christmas Eve.

Mr Penny said the prawns were "good value this year” with large prawns under $40 per kilogram and medium prawns less than $30 per kilogram.

He also expected to sell more than a tonne of whole fish on Christmas Eve, with snapper and pearl perch among the favourites.

"This is the craziest time of the year,” Mr Penny said.

Mud crabs, sand crabs, oysters, green prawns and Moreton Bay bugs would all be popular too and he said they expected to sell several tonnes again of prawns and seafood on New Year's Eve.

Mooloolaba's newest restaurant and watering hole The Dock is also set for a hectic week ahead.

Assistant venue manager Charlie Taylor said he had 18 kegs of Stone and Wood beer to get him through to Wednesday and he was prepared to just scrape through or even run dry.

With 15 other varieties of beer on tap he said they'd made a large order today to stock the bars up in anticipation of a hectic period.

Dinners have been booked out almost all the way through the next week and lunch slots are being snapped up quickly.

Mr Taylor said they expected to dish up about 500 meals per day over the next week or so.

Mick's Meat Barn manager Callum McDonald said he was "busier than a one-legged tap dancer” this week.

The popular Warana butchery was preparing to do a week-and-a-half's trade in two days.

In the past week they'd sold 300kg of plain sausages, 100kg of mince and close to a tonne of hams.

He expected to sell through about another tonne of ham before Christmas Day.

Aussie World Garage owner Steve Amos said he was expecting to serve about 2000 people a day over the next week as travellers venture north on holiday, with in-store ice, firewood and gas sales peaking.

Super sales:

Coles national sales forecasts for this festive season:

  • More than three million kilograms of ham
  • More than 600,000 kilograms of prawns
  • One million puddings
  • Two million fruit mince pies