What's on the small screen this week

THE official TV ratings period may be over, but there's still plenty on the telly. 

From an Oscar-winning director's look at the transcendence of Lego from toy to art to a doco about the 'other' Churchill, there's enough factual programming to keep you engaged.

On the entertainment side of things, the blind auditions continue on The Voice Kids UK and popular game show Family Feud marks a major milestone.

Here are this week's highlights of the small screen and why you should tune in:

Sunday December 10: A Lego Brickumentary, SBS-TV, 8.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

A scene from the documentary A Lego Brickumentary. Supplied

Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge and co-director Kief Davidson take a journey through the Lego universe like never seen before as they explore the brick that has captured imaginations for generations and look at the fundamental question - is it a toy or something more?

Why you should watch: Lego's little plastic bricks are shown to be more than just child's play in this fascinating documentary, which delves into the world of Lego therapy and the subculture of Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLS).

Monday December 11: Montreal Comedy Festival, Ten, 8.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

Joel Creasey hosts Ten's coverage of the Montreal Comedy Festival. Channel 10

Recorded at the Place des Arts Theatre in Montreal, the Comedy Gala is part of the world's largest annual comedy festival Just for Laughs.

Why you should watch: Hosted by the cheeky and hilariously funny Joel Creasey, The Montreal Comedy Gala is television's most prestigious comedy event of the year. Joel chats with a host of comedians including Adam Hills, Russell Howard and Tim Ballard.

Tuesday December 12: The Grand Tour, Seven, 9.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond star in The Grand Tour. Supplied

The Grand Tour's travelling tent arrives in Nashville, Tennessee. The team introduces their attempt to save the world's coral reefs using a selection of car body shells and some very inept boat driving.

Why you should watch: Brian Johnson of AC/DC takes part in a particularly entertaining instalment of Celebrity Braincrash.

Wednesday December 13: The Voice Kids UK, Nine, 7.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

will.i.am, Pixie Lott and Danny Jones are coaches on The Voice Kids UK. Supplied

Young singers aged 7 to 14 do their best to inspire coaches will.i.am, Danny Jones and Pixie Lott to turn their big red chairs.

Why you should watch: What these pint-sized performers lack in size they make up for in talent. And let's face it, the blind auditions are the best part of The Voice.

Thursday December 14: Family Feud, Ten, 6pm

What's on the small screen this week

Family Feud is celebrating its 1000th episode. Host Grant Denyer pictured. Channel 10

After three seasons with Gold Logie nominee Grant Denyer at the helm, Family Feud celebrates a major milestone. Over the past 1,000 episodes, the game show has awarded cars to 36 families, with one of those also pocketing a whopping $50,000.

Why you should watch: The Feud has quickly become staple viewing for many families and remained so, thanks to Denyer's appeal and simple yet curly questions.

Friday December 15: The Churchills, SBS-TV, 7.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

Dr David Starkey pictured at Versailles in a scene from the documentary TV series The Churchills. SBS-TV

Dr David Starkey tells the story of the two greatest war leaders in British history, both of whom were called Churchill.  Everyone knows Winston Churchill led Britain and her Allies in their struggle against Hitler; less well known is John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, who led Britain and her Allies against an earlier would-be dictator of Europe, the Sun King Louis XIV of France.

Why you should watch: This fascinating three-part series delves into the 'other Churchill', who rose from obscurity to be the right-hand man of King James II. But in the crisis of 1688, John chose political principles over personal loyalty and betrayed James in the so-called Glorious Revolution that set Britain on the course to democracy.

Saturday December 16: Victoria, ABC, 7.30pm

What's on the small screen this week

Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman in a scene from Victoria. Supplied

IN THE season finale, a heavily pregnant Victoria (Jenna Coleman, pictured) strives to preserve her independence. She is frustrated by both Albert and her mother's attempts to confine her to the Palace. Despite Albert's objection, he accompanies Victoria on a drive, but they're shot at by Edward Oxford.

Why you should watch: An assassination attempt throws Victoria's world into chaos. She clashes with Albert as she fights to put her country and people before herself.