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Everything You Need to Know About Shohei Ohtani

The Japanese superstar signed with the Los Angeles Angels on Friday


Ringer Staff

Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout Are Going to Be Teammates, Because Baseball Is Incredible

Babe Ruth 2.0, the most touted free agent in years, has chosen the Angels, where he’ll join the best player of this generation. Los Angeles should be thrilled—and so should baseball fans everywhere.

Shohei Ohtani and MLB’s Japanese Pitcher Fragility Myth

Is there any basis for the skepticism that some analysts have expressed about the long-term future of one of the most fascinating free agents in the history of professional sports?

The Takes Are Still Hot, but MLB’s November Stove Is As Cold As Ever

Baseball’s news cycle always slows after the playoffs, but this November has been extraordinarily stagnant. Are the Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes to blame?

The Next Battle in the War Over WAR

WAR has caught on with the masses in a way that no other sabermetric stat has. But as the recent debate about the MVP race between Aaron Judge and José Altuve revealed, we can’t fully move forward with the stat until we agree on what it’s meant to do.

MLB Sends a Message With Its Atlanta Braves Sanctions

The organization lost 13 prospects and won’t be able to replenish its system for years after it was found to have violated international signing rules

Roy Halladay Was the Pitcher Other Pitchers Wanted to Be

The surefire Hall of Famer, who died in a plane crash on Tuesday at the age of 40, was a model ace who was often imitated but never surpassed

Roy Halladay Changed My Life

The two-time Cy Young winner, who died on Tuesday, was a testament to how certain athletes can transcend the limits of fandom

The Ringer 360: Game 7 of the World Series

From L.A. to Houston, the Ringer staff share their Game 7 experiences

No, the Dodgers Should Not Have Started Clayton Kershaw in Game 7

Sure, L.A.’s ace pitched well in relief in his team’s loss, but arguing about his usage on short rest is reasonable only in retrospect

The Astros’ Wait Is Over

Houston wins the World Series. What comes next?

What Did the Dodgers Do Wrong?

Los Angeles was deep, talented, smart, and well-funded. Why didn’t it come out on top?

The Astros Had a Plan, but They Didn’t Have a Destiny

Tanking positioned Houston to face the Dodgers in the 2017 Fall Classic, but in a post-dynasty league, the Astros’ Game 7 win was just as improbable as any team’s—and will be just as hard to repeat

The Dodgers Blew Too Many Chances to Win the World Series

For Los Angeles, a string of missed opportunities turned Game 7 into a microcosm of the entire series

The Astros Are Not Here for Your “Pitching Wins Championships” Talk

George Springer and the best offense in baseball just mashed their way past the Dodgers and to the franchise’s first World Series title in a seven-game slugfest