Ben Lindbergh Profile and Activity

Ben Lindbergh Profile and Activity

The Takes Are Still Hot, but MLB’s November Stove Is As Cold As Ever

Baseball’s news cycle always slows after the playoffs, but this November has been extraordinarily stagnant. Are the Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes to blame?

EA’s Reddit-Driven Downfall and Overwatch League Unknowns 

Ben and Jason discuss EA’s microtransaction controversy before bringing on ESPN esports reporter Jacob Wolf to preview ‘Overwatch’ as an esport

We’re Listening: Exploring Frasierverse, an Incredible Internet Rabbit Hole of Fictional Spinoffs

‘Frasier’ cocreator, writer, and producer Peter Casey on the viability of the voluminous, fan-built, labyrinthine expanded universe that encompasses seven series, 2,390 episode premises, and 107 combined seasons

We Finally Did a Mailbag Episode 

From fallen franchises to the best and worst game trends of 2017, Jason Concepcion and Ben Lindbergh answer fan questions

Loot Boxes Are Bad, but ‘Battlefront II’ Is Good

Ben and Jason discuss the new ‘Star Wars’ game and are later joined by its writer, Walt Williams, to discuss the thrills and challenges of writing for the popular franchise’s universe