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Luxurious Holiday Experiences

How would you spend your dream holiday? For some it might be a tropicalbeach escape where the only activity on the ‘to do’ list is a siesta in the sun. For others, it might be the mountains, deserts and canyons on an adventure packed expedition. Maybe it’s the allure of the big city that beckons, where elegant five-star hotels, trendy restaurants and fascinating cultural activitiesare the featured attractions.

Whatever your dream holiday might look like, Travel Associatescan tailor make the perfect travel package; one that reflects your specific tastes and desires.Not only are we dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, but a great selection of premium travel products and tour packages as well.

For a great range of special interest holidays, contact us today on 1800 017 849 and experience first-hand the Travel Associates difference. 


Luxury Holiday Experiences | Travel Associates


I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor in a circle of people, as a smiling Fijian chief hands me half a coconut shell full of what looks like dirty dishwater.

Luxury Holiday Experiences | Travel Associates


Sydney: been there, done that. My best friend lives in Bondi, so I’ve visited a hundred times and I stopped seeing it as a holiday destination. Then I realised how many opportunities I was wasting.

Luxury Holiday Experiences | Travel Associates


In every destination there are sights that are unique to the location, or moments that you can only experience in their fullest sense in that part of the world.

Luxury Holiday Experiences | Travel Associates


Winter in Iceland brings short days, dark nights and below freezing temperatures. Undeterred by this, many travellers make their way to the north Atlantic, braving the unpredictable weather and harsh conditions for the chance to see the magical northern lights.