Preparing to trek across the country

CLEMMIE Wotherspoon has only been working with horses for four years, but in 2018 she will be setting off on one of Australia's most challenging treks.

In February, she will begin a solo horseback journey across 5330 kilometres from Victoria to Cooktown with three brumbies.

Ms Wotherspoon said she was expecting the gruelling trek to take a year or two.

"I'll be riding 20-40 kilometres a day for five days, and resting for two days,” she said.

"The most challenging and important part is the health and safety of the horses (because) it is quite strenuous... I'll be riding one horse, leading one carrying my pack bags, and leading another spare horse, and will rotate them.

"This is not about me getting to Cooktown or using them as a mode of transport, it's about my relationship with them and something a lot more meaningful.”

Ms Wotherspoon will be working with some photojournalists and videographers to focus on the healing power of horses.

Since she began working with the animals, she said her life has changed.

"Four years ago at one of my lowest lows, I was clearing tables at a restaurant, didn't have many friends around, was really isolated and very depressed,” she said.

"One of the other waitresses started taking me to train horses... over time it gave me confidence and now they're like my security blanket.

"Equine therapy is a new mode of therapy becoming really popular internationally... it is basically using horses as a mirror for your emotional state.

"People who practice horsemanship often find they become more calm, centred, focused, less aggressive... they find these traits translating over to their human relationships. That's just one aspect and there are many others.”

With this type of trek priced at at least $20,000, Clemmie is currently seeking sponsorship, support, and would welcome any ideas for collaboration.