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Luxurious French Holidays

Opulence, sophistication and elegance, France is a land of impeccable style, dazzling culture and perfect panache. It’s a pleasure to explore the cultural, historic and artistic legacy of the French, just don’t forget to stop for lunch because their cuisine matches the beauty of the land. Experience Vive la France as a trip of a lifetime. Take your holiday in France (and Paris) today.

France boasts many historical figures synonymous with glory, power and success. This is the land that produced Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, Louis XIV the Sun King and of course Napoleon; each figure cementing their place in history and helping to shape France as they sort best, leaving a legacy that remains in place for contemporary generations. The Romans conquered across Gaul, the Vikings threatened, the English crossed the channel several times and more recently the Germans expanded west. Today France is one of the great European nations, a champion of the European Union and the epitome of sumptuous European living.

Best times to travel to France

France enjoys three types of climates. The west experiences mild summers and cool winters, while eastern and central France has warmer summers. For the coastal region along the Mediterranean, the summers are much warmer with an average temperature of 23 degrees in July. In Paris the mercury rises on average to six degrees in January and 23 degrees in August.

The French celebrate many festivals and events throughout the year. Notable occasions include Bastille Day on July 14. The Cannes Film Festival, the French Tennis Open and the Nice Jazz Festival are all international events attracting significant interest each year.


France Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


Leave it to the French to have perfected the art of living well.

France Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


Steeped in silent legends that wind along its history-laden banks, the ‘Father Rhine’ holds more secrets than we will ever know. From the lofty heights of Swiss Alps to the shores of the North Sea, this ancient trade route of the Holy Roman Empire beckons to intrepid travelers.

France Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


Catalonia, Provence and Tuscany – the names alone paint a picture of old-world charm awash in the tides of modernity. From Picasso to Van Gogh, some of the world’s most instrumental artists have left their captivating marks on the sun-drenched shores of the Western Mediterranean.

France Luxury Holiday Packages | Travel Associates


There is no better way to discover a foreign culture than to take a bite out of it. Any tongue can interpret the language of food, an alluring song of flavours, ingredients and cooking methods that offers clues that lead you to a culture’s deepest roots.