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Huge Trades Upstage Some Good Football in Week 8

Kevin and Robert share takeaways from the trade deadline. Later, Danny Kelly helps sort out who the legit contenders are heading into the second half of the season.

Going Deep on Week 8

Kevin and Robert talk Texans-Seahawks, Danny Kelly drops fantasy bombs, and Joel Solomon plays Am I Crazy

Everyone’s a Contender in 2017

Can the Patriots win the Super Bowl with the league’s worst defense?

The NFL Is Freshening Up in Week 7, but the Magic Is Gone

Which will get a higher score this weekend: the Dolphins or the Rotten Tomatoes rating for 'Snowman'?

The 2017 NFL Season Is Officially a David Lynch Series

Why the Aaron Rodgers injury will hurt the fans most and how the NFL came to have its most even playing field of all time

Some Big Backs Are Against the Wall in Week 6 

How the Chiefs might prove to be flawless, why the Patriots must win against the Jets, and … are we ready for a Jags Super Bowl?

The End of Eli Manning

Michael Lombardi and Tate Frazier discuss what’s next for the Giants, Mitchell Trubisky’s debut, and how Adrian Peterson will fit in with Arizona’s offense

The Only Surprises in Week 5 Were Bad Ones

Robert and Kevin recap Week 5 and explain why Big Ben might be afraid to play football every Sunday

It’s Week 5 and the Real NFL Season Is Finally Beginning

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark explain why Seahawks-Rams is the most interesting matchup of the season thus far, and Danny Kelly weighs in on which wideouts to trade for in fantasy football

NFL Week 4 Presented More Questions Than Answers

Robert and Kevin recap a wild Week 4 in the NFL, examining why a prolific Deshaun Watson makes the Texans one of the scariest teams, why the Patriots have by far the biggest flaw of any contender, and how Seahawks-Rams has become the most exciting Week 5 matchup

A Reminder of How Serious Head Injuries Are

Robert and Kevin discuss Thursday night’s scary injury, the matchups they’re watching this weekend, and how pregame protests will continue to rule the news cycle

The Future of Football With Kevin Clark and Bryan Curtis

Kevin Clark and Bryan Curtis discuss Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL and the recent developments that may allow for the diagnosis of CTE in living patients

On NFL Player Protests and the Opportunity to Create Meaningful Change

Plus: the Titans are surging and the tanking Bills have the league’s best defense

What Does the Future of International NFL Games Look Like?

Also, Danny Kelly predicts some fantasy football dark horses

September Is Now Meaningless in the NFL

Teams aren’t playing well, and the league’s watchability problem is only growing

What to Watch for in Week 2: The Jaguars’ New Ceiling

Robert Mays and Kevin Clark preview the week’s best matchups, Danny Kelly praises the Chargers defense, and Michael Lombardi breaks down Cincinnati’s underwhelming offense