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Has Pop Music Failed Us?

In the past decade, critics and listeners have embraced mainstream pop music—from Beyoncé, to Katy Perry, to Kanye West, to yes, Taylor Swift—as a genre worthy of serious thought and debate. Was 2017 just a disappointing year for pop music? Or has the poptimism bubble burst?

Rapper Lil Peep Is Dead at 21

The internet sensation, who rose to fame with his hybrid style of hip-hop and emo, passed away Wednesday night

Can Kanye West’s Superfans Help Him Beat Taylor Swift?

Young music fans are using streaming parties to try to launch their favorite artists to the top of the charts, while the companies that track record sales do everything they can to stop them

The Taylor Swift ‘Reputation’ Exit Survey

The Ringer staff talks hits, misses, bigger misses, and whatever you want to call the song with Ed Sheeran and Future

Taylor Swift Stakes Her ‘Reputation’ on Big Sounds and Petty Grievances

On her new album, the pop megastar panders to hip-hop’s cultural dominance while fundamentally misunderstanding it

Kamaiyah Keeps It Funky

The Oakland rapper’s latest project, ‘Before I Wake,’ released Wednesday, has all the confidence and bounce of her debut tape, ‘A Good Night in the Ghetto’

Music for the Masses: Celebrating R.E.M.’s ‘Automatic for the People’ at 25

The 1992 album is the perfect synthesis of the band’s indie rock roots and its arena rock stardom

The CMAs Could’ve Used More Sturgill Simpson

The country awards ceremony was not without its moments—but the renegade singer busking outside on Facebook Live was better than most of them

The Charts Have Evolved Past Taylor Swift

The rollout for Swift’s forthcoming album, ‘Reputation’, has seen the pop star struggle to maintain buzz for her singles

How I Became a Taylor Swift–and–Karlie Kloss Shipper

Is the singer’s "Gorgeous" secretly about the Victoria’s Secret model? Maybe! Or maybe not. Look what Taylor Swift made a tenacious hive of internet conspiracy theorists do.

The Greatest Trick That Grunge Ever Pulled

How an inspired prank helped the Seattle music scene get its revenge on the world

Hearing Both Sides of Taylor Swift

Since the 2016 election, she has been criticized for refusing to engage with national politics, or speaking out against the hate groups that celebrate her. Can a pop star afford to stay apolitical in our current climate?

‘Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge’ Is Not the Hagiography You Might Expect

The documentary from Alex Gibney—and produced by Jann Wenner—does not shy away from the magazine’s later years

The Augmented Reality of Burial’s ‘Untrue,’ 10 Years Later

Exploring the impact of one of the most influential albums of the millennium

The Neptunes Are Back Because No One Ever Really Dies, Plus ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

Chris and Andy celebrate the return of N.E.R.D. and talk about the middle of Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’