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Bryan Cranston on TV Dads, Streaming Shows, and Creative Freedom

The actor joins Bill to discuss some of his biggest roles, working with Richard Linklater, and more

Guess the Lines Week 14 With Cousin Sal 

Bill and Sal discuss Gronk’s cheap shot, feeling sorry for Eli Manning, and more

Steve Kerr Mailbag, Part 2: Draymond Green, Winning Titles, and More

What’s the difference between winning championships as a player and as a coach?

The Eli Manning Mailbag

The Giants QB is either the luckiest player in NFL history or a Hall of Fame franchise player who’s been wronged by his team. Either way, he’ll be riding the pine this weekend.

Steve Kerr on His 2008 Trade for Shaquille O’Neal: “It Was a Bad Move”

The Warriors coach explains why the swing-for-the-fences deal didn’t work out

Steve Kerr on How Ray Allen’s Famous Game 6 Shot Demonstrates the Pitfalls of Instant Replay

If Kerr could change any rule in the NBA, he would limit the use of instant replay. Here’s why.

The Steve Kerr Mailbag, Part 1: Coach Iguodala, Michael Jordan's Flu Game, and More

The head coach of the Golden State Warriors joins the show to answer some your burning questions

Guess the Lines Week 13 With Cousin Sal

Who has the better MVP odds, Carson Wentz or Tom Brady?

“Parent Corner” Special Edition With Cousin Sal

Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal provide questionably sound parenting advice

Chuck Klosterman on the Death of Monoculture, NBA Superteams, and Tom Petty’s Passing

The award-winning cultural critic joins the show to discuss pop culture’s impact on politics, the NBA, and much more

Guess the Lines Thanksgiving Week Special With Cousin Sal

Bill and Sal discuss Carson Wentz’s odds of dethroning Tom Brady as MVP and much more

The Winners of the NBA’s First Month

It’s been only 30 days, but Bill Simmons is starting to see the future in Philly. Plus: the rise of Jayson Tatum, the Freak Championship Belt, and more.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the NBA’s Popularity and Issues Plaguing the NFL

The author and Atlantic writer joined ‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’ for a wide-ranging discussion about that and more

This NFL Mailbag Is Ready to Eat Some W’s

The best college football names, an early NBA rookie redraft, the best possible group touchdown celebration, and some Week 10 picks

Guess the Lines Week 10 With Cousin Sal 

Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal discuss the lowlights of the NFL weekend

Does Blake Bortles Struggle Because His Name Is “Blake Bortles”?

A scientific examination of QB names, and the 15 essential rules for naming your Super Bowl–winning quarterback. Plus: a crucial Week 9 pick.