How will Coast businesses fare up against Amazon?

NICHE products and a strong tourism industry will help Coast businesses fight against the threat of online shopping giant Amazon.

This is according to the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce president Michael Shadforth.

Mr Shadforth said yesterday's launch of Australia's Amazon will definitely not mean the end of trade at the Coast but it will have an effect.

"It certainly will impact retail shopping as we know it and that will be something that people have already considered," he said.

"It has already been happening with the introduction of other online sites, Amazon is just a major player."

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Mr Shadforth said the Coast was in a good position in terms of business and would continue to grow and expand.

"We have a lot of niche products here and there is a lot more room in the strips to accommodate good browsing types of business," he said.

"While people browse websites for the convenience, the Coast produces a lot of items that people will spend the extra time to go in store for."

Mr Shadforth said the Coast's strong tourism industry would also benefit small businesses.

"We are blessed here because we attract a number of tourists who keep on coming back," he said.

"Theses tourists want to find interesting little treasure when they are shopping and they want to do it amongst great food options. "That's something we are delivering here at the Coast and you can't get that online."

Mooloolaba business manager Jessie Rahilly said she can't see the online giant having an impact on local trade.

"I don't think it will affect us. It's just another online business that we have to compete with," she said.

"We'll see what happens after Boxing Day though when all the big sales start."

Ms Rahilly is the state manager of resort style brand Czarina and she said business has been trading well in the area.

"There's definitely a good vibe around businesses here in Mooloolaba," she said.

"When the sun's out the people are out and they are all shopping for Christmas outfits and gifts."