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Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre, and Uncertainty in the UFC

Two of the UFC’s biggest stars are making it harder to keep tabs on the sport than ever

The ‘Raw’ Field Trip

The guys reflect on a memorable night spent ringside

Watch the First Teaser for ‘Andre the Giant’

The HBO Sports documentary in association with WWE and The Ringer, directed by Jason Hehir, premieres on HBO in April 2018

Holloway-Aldo, Ngannou, and Gaethje: Your UFC 218 Primer

A featherweight championship grudge match highlights a night of future stars

Thankful, Not Thankful

Roman Reigns as IC champ, parallel women invasions, the heeling of Daniel Bryan, and all the other things we’re not thankful for

Reactions to ‘WarGames’ and ‘Survivor Series’ 

David Shoemaker and Steve Kazee discuss Brock Lesnar’s win over A.J. Styles and more

WWE Is Desperate for a Great ‘Survivor Series’

And the fans are the beneficiaries of the bizarre, hastily assembled supercard

The Biggest Mouth in Wrestling

As Brock Lesnar’s spokesperson, Paul Heyman is one of WWE’s most essential figures and one of wrestling history’s greatest mavericks. But how much longer can the Beast and his boisterous advocate dominate WWE?

Farewell, Ellsworth 

Dave Schilling joins David Shoemaker to discuss the release of James Ellsworth

Circling Back on ‘Nature Boy’ With Steve Kazee 

David Shoemaker and Steve Kazee talk about the new Ric Flair 30 for 30 documentary

Ric Flair’s Life Is Too Real and Lies Too Big for a Documentary

A new 30 for 30 focuses on the sex, drugs, and pro wrestling life of the Nature Boy and finds a figure who has been living beyond reality. But it’s still real to him, damnit.

Bisping vs. GSP: Your UFC 217 Primer

Can Joanna Champion catch Rousey, has Cody Garbrandt changed the game, and everything else you want to know about UFC 217

The Return of Georges St-Pierre

GSP meant more than anyone did to the UFC. But does he still matter?

Conor McGregor vs. ?????

Laying odds on Conor’s potential opponents

Demetrious Johnson vs. History

All you need to know about UFC 216

'No Mercy' Fallout and Looking Ahead to 'Hell in a Cell'

Plus: Enzo’s booking, Bobby Rhode’s return, and a Twitter Q&A

‘The Masked Man Show’ Predicts Sunday’s ‘No Mercy’

David Shoemaker and Dave Schilling break down all the upcoming action

The Progressive Liberal’s Agenda

How a 37-year-old Virginia native became a cult star who is redefining the wrestling heel

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Was the End All and Be All of Heel Managers, Humanoids

Remembering the late, great announcer and manager, who was often the smartest man in wrestling

“Finally”: The Fight of GGG’s Life

Boxing observers are calling Saturday’s Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez middleweight title clash the fight of the year. For GGG, though, it’s the culmination of a lifetime struggling to reach a moment, a stage, and a matchup this big.

The Head Butt Heard Round the Universe

Discussing Kevin Owens’s vicious assault of Vince McMahon

The Resurrection of Vince McMahon

Plus: What JBL’s absence will mean to the ‘SmackDown!’ announce team

Promos, Injuries, and a Parade of Jobbers

What should the WWE do with Roman Reigns?

The 39 Parts of Being a Professional Boxer, Ranked From Best to Worst

From getting ripped to getting clocked in the face, here is a list that covers all the parts of being Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather


The Ringer’s coverage of this weird spectacle


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Mayweather-McGregor Day 3: A Black Eye for Boxing?

So many questions on the eve of the fight of the century

Mayweather-McGregor Day 2: Strip-Clubbing and Making Bets

The quest to find Floyd at Girl Collection. Plus, Kenyon Martin on McGregor.

The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Preview

Chuck Mindenhall, Brian Campbell, and David Shoemaker break down the collision of MMA and boxing, what will happen after the fight, and more